Terms and Conditions


Payments can be made to Sterile Syringes by:

  1. Visa, MasterCard, Paypal
  2. Credit Card payments over the phone

Pricing Policy: Prices are set at the time of purchase and are subject to withdrawal, correction or alteration. We reserve the right to not honour typographical errors on prices.

Acceptance of orders: Sterile Syringes reserves the right to refuse or cancel an order at any time, for any reason. In addition the completion of the checkout process does not indicate acceptance of an order. If an order is cancelled no transaction will occur and your details will be handled as detailed in ‘OUR PRIVACY POLICY’.

Limitation of Liability: All products sold are to be used at your own risk. Under no circumstances is Sterile Syringes liable for the following: (1) Third party claims against you for damages, (2) Loss of, or damage to you or your property (3) Consequential damages, or incidental damages – defined as any damage which is a consequence of using this product or our website. Sterile Syringes liability is limited to the cost of the product purchased from us. All of the products that we sell are to be used at your own risk and we are in no way liable for any loss, damage or injuries suffered from poor installation or use. Once shipped, goods become the property of the customer who will then have consumer rights to the goods being delivered by the carrier.